Galactic streak


The highest possible winnings on Galactic Streak is awarded to players who win by matching four of the seven planets in the game. These run horizontally, right to left, up, right to left, and diagonal both ways. No discernible pattern is made between the high and low value planets. Each player begins with a random set of eight planets. The winning strategy is designed to try and identify which of these planets will grant the player with the most points.

The second method of playing the game that incorporates strategies involving spin transactions is a strategy known as multi-spin. This is very similar to the strategy used in the standard slot games but instead of using two or more randomly selected spins each of these spins results in an additional spin that does not match any of the previous two. This is a much harder strategy to master and can only be successfully learned through a considerable amount of practice. The best strategy for multi-spin Galactic Streak is to use the two higher paying planets if you have them and to always choose the lower paying planets if you do not.

In order to play Galactic Streak in a manner that avoids the possibility of paying to many reels you should begin by selecting random seating arrangements. After you have chosen a table proceed to place your bets and do not change them. This means that no matter how many symbols you see on the reels you must wait until the last to make your move. You can change your choice of symbols at any time during the game and your choices will not have any affect on the outcome of your hand. The best thing to do once you have placed your initial bets is to immediately switch to symbols that will increase your likelihood of winning by a significant amount.

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